Lawn ornaments talk water

City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities

We Recycle (Just Not Our Ideas)

From water-wise tips to recycling do’s and don’ts, the City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities consistently sends out much-needed information to the public. To ensure these important messages stayed top-of-mind for residents, JP pushed the creative envelope — and earned some big results (and likes) along the way.


Fair-Watered Friends

One of our first assignments for DPU was to inform customers of their watering schedule. With the City’s commitment to water conservation and the California drought, ensuring customers weren’t overwatering was crucial for both the community and residents.

We developed a memorable concept to remind residents to only water on their scheduled days with the help of some playful lawn ornaments. From a funny flamingo to a witty wind chime, the lawn ornaments set the stage for delivering the City’s watering schedule, and reminded residents to reset their water timers in an easy-to-digest way.

"Reeee-set, Reeee-set"

Lawn ornaments
Eye on water Banner

Event & App Launch

Counting Every Drop

JP coordinated a media launch to introduce the EyeOnWater app, a tool residents can use to monitor, calculate and ultimately conserve water in their homes. The media launch encouraged Fresno residents to download the app to instantly monitor water usage and even discover potential leaks in their home.

Outreach & Events

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-Con

JP was honored to help develop and coordinate an inaugural recycling event for Fresno residents. We brainstormed a variety of names and looks, and decided on the eye-catching superhero theme of “Recycle-Con.” We wanted residents to feel empowered to recycle and promote the family-friendly event with bright, comic-book inspired graphics everyone can enjoy.

Recycle-Con Poster

Trash can Event Project
City of Fresno Events

Presented by the City of Fresno Recycling Program and the County of Fresno, the free event included upcycling demonstrations, food trucks, live music and educational booths. A “Cart Art” competition also took place, with schools and organizations decorating a Toter Cart in a recycling theme. JP decided to participate too — we turned ours into a go-kart — and we took first place in the City’s Cart Art contest.

Recycle Campaign: Yes We Can

Solid Waste Campaign

“Can I Recycle This?”

It’s a question DPU gets often. And with new recycling regulations, JP was tasked with educating customers on what can’t be recycled to avoid cart contamination.

Rather than “scolding” customers about what you can and can’t recycle, we decided to create a campaign that was equally interactive and engaging. We developed a look and feel that mirrored the emoji-filled, selfie world of Instagram and created the #CanIRecycleThis campaign. We introduced curious residents who submitted photos of items they wanted to recycle and posed questions such as “Which cart does this go in?” and “Can I recycle this?” Answers were written in a tongue-in-cheek voice, as if coming directly from DPU. Funny, witty and even sometimes sassy responses were memorable, and the call to action encouraged customers to submit their recycling questions.

Confused Man

Social Media

Blue, Gray or Green?

We took the conversation happening on social media and brought it to life on a variety of channels. The recycling questions, witty answers and the Insta-inspired creative elements were featured in DPU’s monthly billing inserts and digital ads. From there, viewers were directed to the City’s microsite and DPU’s Instagram.

Web Development & Video


The custom microsite highlights the most common items people toss into their blue, gray and green carts. It also features a special section on how to donate old vehicles in the area. For customers who didn’t find a specific item on the site, we invited them to ask the City’s Solid Waste Division on Instagram, where we were able to respond in a memorable way.

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