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Flu Campaign


The Fresno County Department of Public Health needed to reach the public during the 2017-2018 flu season, and the campaign had to launch in within two weeks!


Working collaboratively with their staff, we were able to produce television, digital and social ads, a landing page to track activity, and all in multi-language. Leveraging relationships and resources the targeted campaign reached various audience segments to achieve the most market penetration.


We delivered over 9.5 million impressions, exceeding the goal by nearly double; 22% of those impressions being Spanish language audiences and over 133,000 impressions to Hmong and Asian communities. We received over 20% bonus weight/ free public service announcements, and delivered 5,000 new users to the OutdoTheFlu.com landing page.

JP Marketing has been able to get four times the value for the budget than when we have planned and placed our own media. We are very happy!"

– Joe Prado, Division Manager
Fresno County Department of Public Health