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High Marks

Taft College is well-known in Kern County, yet its web presence left much to be desired. After multiple attempts to redesign its website, Taft College reached out to JP to bring a fresh perspective to the project. We quickly got to work addressing the main challenge: restructuring content for over 700 pages.


The Taft redesign also needed separate microsites for each department, club and school organization. We tackled the project by determining the vital content and addressing what needed to be updated. We then worked on the overall information hierarchy and determined what would be accessible to only faculty and staff.

Taft Website Pages
Taft Website Mockups


We also needed to decide how to connect the different branches of the university together. Together with the Taft team, we created a user-friendly master back-end that controlled all navigation and the entire family of microsites.


Our team also trained the entire staff on how to use the website. We organized training sessions and developed tutorial videos that demonstrated basic back-end features of the site. All of these training materials were housed on an internal microsite for employees to reference anytime.

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