On the Move

FAX15 Launch Campaign


January 2017 marked the return of the 15-minute bus service, rebranded and presented as an all-new program. Reaching the target audience and community at large would have to be done with a minimal budget.


Build creative assets, leverage a value-added media plan, execute outreach and public relations initiatives. We partnered with CBS Local Media buying power and with Fresno State due to the new bus service lines intersecting at the college campus.


We delivered the lowest cost per points in the marketplace across outdoor, radio, digital and mobile media as well as leverage bonus spots and other value-added opportunities including a radio remote. We attained high profile public relations and received coverage from local print and television news outlets.

Thank you JP for a great remote event. It was great to get the feedback we received from the students validating we are on the right track.

– Gregory A. Barfield, Assistant Director