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California's Low Cost Auto Insurance

We’ve Got You Covered

When you pair an essential service like auto insurance and a great marketing message, you get a campaign that brings in new customers, month after month. In 2015, California’s Low-Cost Auto Insurance approached JP for help in increasing online visibility and lead generation. The result? Five years of continued results. 

Video Animation

Marketing in Motion

We created a series of animated videos to build a strong digital presence. The informative videos prompted drivers across California through the feature of playful, enticing animations. By promoting, we put policyholders on the path to saving for safe travels tomorrow. 

CLCA One Sheet

Paid Social Media

Going the Extra Mile

Over time, we built a communication strategy that established California’s Low-Cost Auto Insurance and included social media and pay-per-click advertising. The targeting strategy included a combination of demographic and competitor keyword targeting to identify the most relevant audiences based on age and interest.


Safe Travels Tomorrow

Our continued efforts have made the California’s Low-Cost Auto Insurance brand establishment indisputable. Selling auto insurance is all about trust, and we continue to create approachable materials with positive results.