Fresno County Department of Public Health

Better Together

Creating a Healthy Fresno County

Since 2017, we’ve worked with the Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) on over 2 dozen unique campaigns and health initiatives — including guiding County residents through a global pandemic.

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Healthy Starts Here

To create a sense of unity among multiple campaigns and throughout the County, JP developed an umbrella brand guided by FCDPH. This brand will encompass all county departments, including the Department of Behavioral Health and Social Services. We wanted to communicate the fact that behavior change starts with individuals, and those changes have a ripple effect on families, neighborhoods and communities. The “Healthy Fresno County” logo and “Better Together” tagline reflect how all the residents of Fresno County play an important role in overall health and wellness. The result was an inspiring, all-encompassing brand that’s reflected in all of the County materials.


Conquering Covid

When we learned that Fresno County’s “shelter in place” order would soon be lifted, we acted quickly on developing the next phase of Covid-19 messaging: the virus hasn’t disappeared, and as a community, we need to continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash our hands and take care of each other. To better reach our diverse population, we filmed a dozen local influencers from various target markets to deliver this new messaging.

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Additional tactics were used throughout the community, including radio; digital and social; outdoor; bus ads; and print.

Covid Influencer Bus Ad

Healthy Teeth

Bright Results

We developed a series of videos, radio and digital ads in multiple languages to promote the County’s free dental services for children. Posters and outdoor signage were also placed in key zip codes to reach this narrowly targeted group.

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Get Checked

Passing the Test

To promote healthy relationships and getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases, our “Get Checked” campaign featured strong, straightforward messaging in a nonjudgmental tone. We developed a unique landing page for residents to find a nearby testing site, and we delivered on outreach and sponsorship opportunities — including handing out custom-designed rainbow condoms at the Fresno Pride Parade.

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Break Free from Nicotine Bike Ad


Results That Will Blow You Away

This multi-faceted campaign addressed the dangers of secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing; tobacco retailers near schools; vaping and e-cigarettes; and smoking cessation at behavioral health centers. Videos and ads directed the target audiences to our custom website,

Delivered just under 85% of the proposed impressions with just 50% of the proposed budget

TV & radio over-delivered impressions by 110%

Combined campaigns delivered over 6.8M impressions

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