A Guide to the South



For 16 cities in the Los Angeles County area, the South Bay Cities Council of Government (SBCCOG) shares the goal of maximizing quality of life while addressing issues of common interest. So when their outdated website felt disconnected from South Bay citizens, JP joined the conversation.


From city staff to county residents, the website needed to have a guided balance for the user to find exactly what they need. Our design/ development strategy addressed current problems with content strategies and structure. We created a new sitemap aligned with these goals. Lastly, we took organized, hierarchical and cultural contexts to establish SBCCOG’s services and resources.


The layout is now simple and provides users with a customized experience. The visual design reflects the professionalism of a government agency with the functionality of a newer brand. SBCCOG is now better serving the community by furthering its mission, vision and goals.

JP Marketing helped us to further develop and refine a cohesive brand appearance with a new, vibrant color palette that complements our logo. The site is now very user friendly and intuitive, and with the WordPress platform, so much easier to update and maintain.

– Colleen Farrell, Senior Project Manager, Communications
South Bay Cities Council of Government