City of Fresno Department of Transportation

On the MoveFAX15 Launch Campaign Challenge January 2017 marked the return of the 15-minute bus service, rebranded and presented as an all-new program. Reaching the target audience and community at large would have to be done with a minimal budget. Solution Build creative assets, leverage a value-added media plan, execute outreach and public relations initiatives.

South Bay Cities Council of Government

A Guide to the SouthWebsite Challenge For 16 cities in the Los Angeles County area, the South Bay Cities Council of Government (SBCCOG) shares the goal of maximizing quality of life while addressing issues of common interest. So when their outdated website felt disconnected from South Bay citizens, JP joined the conversation. Solution From city

CA Census

Everyone Counts in Large Amounts Challenge The US Census is the single most important social information collection event and it only comes once a decade. In partnership with Mercury Public Affairs, we were contracted to conduct message testing throughout the state of California to ensure statewide marketing efforts would resonate with identified vulnerable populations. These